Now where else in Cambodia is the air as clear in the evening as on the Hilltop-Resort. With 900m above sea level and the secluded location invites

you particularly for star observations

Hiking in the rainforest


Especially adventurous and exciting is a walking the early mooring. When the jungle comes to life. Here you can watch many animals from close.

Especially an adventurous and exciting walk in the early morning, when the jungle comes to life. Here you can watch many animals up close.

The rainforest presents itself in the most beautiful colors. In our area we have about 10km signposted trails for beginners and also for experienced hikers. Good foot wear is recommended.

Camping in the jungle


For young adventurers, We also offer sleeping tents. This is a cheap alternative to bungalows. We will provide you with the facilities such as shower room and toilet. You can also come enjoy our tasty food made by our 5 star chef at our restaurant gazing over the dark green jungle. Even better, with our super cold climate and unbeatble air quality you are able to breath freely and relax.