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Hilltop Resort And Observatory



Where else in Cambodia can you get air as fresh and as clear in as Hilltop-Resorts? With a height of over 900m above sea level, the secluded location invites you particularly for star observation.

The journey to Senmonorom leads through a pristine and mystical rain-forest landscape.

Located on the highest summit in Mondulkiri province. Only 7 kilometers from Sen Monorom the capital city of Mondolkiri and close to Vietnamese border surrounded by rain-forest. Bungalows, Camping, Eco-Lodge, Sports and working farm all gazing over the natural landscape.

Cafe & Restaurant

Mountain top & rainforest view cafe & restaurant. Western style snacks & locally produced coffee vegetables and tropical fruits.

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

  • Khmer cuisine

  • European cuisine

  • Chinese cuisine

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